Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for Women

Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for WomenBack Neck designs for blouse give an immense look to the whole blouse, when wear on the party or function. When you wear a sarhee, it is noticed that front part of the blouse mostly covered with dupatta of the sarhee. There are many types of latest blouse back neck designs.  In this article, we will show you the amazing different styles of blouse back designs for women.

Black Embroidery with Jewel Pendant hanging Back Blouse Design

There is a dazzling diamond in the center of the back neck design of blouse which gives a beauty of the blouse. On the other hand, the beauty of this black color blouse is that you can easily wear this with sarhee of black color.

Motif Sheer back Blouse Design

This is available in color of pink blouse with a sheer back design featuring a traditional with a colorful pattern and embroidery delicately on the back- sheer blouse.

Monochrome Pearl Studded Blouse Design

There is an extra edge and style on the collar, it looks simple and ordinary but on the events it shines on the back of the blouse. Don’t you want to wear sarhee with this? Yes, no need to wear sarhee, after all it rolls in this classic blouse design.

Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for Women

It is present in different colors and designs of piece. With a spell-casting pattern and pyramid play on the back.

Back open blouse back design

It is available in blue and black color. Blue color looks good and impressive if you want to impress your friends.

Collar neck blouse back design

Collar neck design cover your whole back from the back and front and back are same as usual.  Moreover, this latest blouse back designs for women is one of the wonderful collection. You can try this blouse back design in a formal meeting.

High neck blouse back design

High neck blouse is one of these latest blouse back neck designs for women. It is used nowadays in different movies and dramas in many cultures. Although, the shine and bright color sarhee you can wear with this beautiful blouse.

Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for Women

How to download Latest Blouse Back neck designs for women?

There are many stores online in which you can make your choice, select and order for latest blouse back neck for yourself and friends. Although, there are many physical stores exists with latest fashions you can buy from these stores.

Let us know in the comment, which latest Blouse Back Neck designs for women you like most? Share your Images with us.

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