Male design in Pakistan

Male design in Pakistan

Specialist by calling and a football devotee, Rehan Munir shares his style mantra. From how his style has advanced throughout the years to the outlines that suit him the most, he shares everything!

Understanding your body is the way to looking great and a quality found among all faultlessly dressed fashionistas. While individuals avoid discussing their bodies, these daring spirits clarify how they work their life structures furthering their potential benefit

How might you depict your body type?

Athletic and very much conditioned.

How has your style changed or advanced throughout the years?

Every one of these years I’ve never truly focused on what I was wearing, I would simply put on a football shirt, pants and head out. In all honesty, I went to my mamu’s wedding in a football shirt. Be that as it may, when I began my clinical turns in prescription school, I understood one needed to look increasingly satisfactory. So I took a stab at two or three captured shirts, tucked into some chino pants, acknowledging I look much better and progressively proficient. From that point forward, I have embraced a more semi-proficient look. Additionally, since fiddling into the displaying scene, I have been attempting to keep my closet refreshed with the latest patterns.

Has your body type changed in the course of the most recent five years?

Truly, radically. I was constantly a thin kid however playing football truly helped my body create. My lower body was constantly more grounded contrasted with my chest area. In my last year of drug school, I arbitrarily fired grabbing loads at the rec center and saw a significant distinction. From that point the adventure started and I rapidly bid farewell to thin days! Be that as it may, for football, I can’t stand to construct my chest area a lot of on the grounds that it expands the weight on the knees and furthermore makes one more slow on the field – consequently, my lower body will consistently remain my need to chip away at.

How would you dress as per your body type?

I discover pieces which fit more extensive from the shoulders combined with well-custom fitted jeans.

As you would like to think what is the greatest slip-up men make in their dressing?

Wearing garments that don’t accommodate their body shape/size.

As you would like to think what is your most problematic territory and how would you chip away at it?

As of now, none. One ought to consistently be content with the manner in which they look and I am.

Which outlines suit your body the most?

Thin fit suits and easygoing perspiration pants.

What is the one bit of dress you avoid wearing and why?

The most significant thing is to feel great wearing an outfit. Thin jeans or anything incredibly fitted makes me awkward.

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